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Gaining Power and Influence in the Workplace

Explain some different ways that members succeed in gaining power and influence in the workplace.
Assess and explain a time when you gained power and influence in your own workplace. How successful was it?

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Power in the Workplace:

Power in the workplace is considered as an important aspect since it has the capability of building a healthy relationship within the workplace as well as productive and motivational relationship among the members of the workplace. There are several different ways in which members of an organization can succeed from gaining power and influence in the workplace such as ensuring that a healthy relationship is built within the employees available in the workplace. As an organizational leader, the continued use of power and influence over the other individuals in the workplace provides one with an ability of ensuring that job is done and also the ability of developing a relationship with the employees in the workplace.

Gaining power and influence in the workplace provides an individual with the chance of learning how to choose their works properly. The reason behind this is that within a workplace, a leader's word will always matter since it can result to the creation of something which is negative. Whenever a leader sees an issue ...

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