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    How to Gain Power and Influence at Work

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    Find out how you score in relation to gaining power and influence at work by completing the following questionnaire:


    Explain how you gain power and influence in your own workplace. In order to do so, please make sure to apply theories, such as the French and Raven model.

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    I am going to offer you some information on type of power and influence tactics. I will only be offering you information to help you understand power and influence tactics in organizational settings. You should not copy my thoughts to use in any part of your assignment. The information should only help you guide your completion of the assignment. OTAs do not do homework assignments for students.

    First, let me provide you with the five types of power according to the French and Raven taxonomy referenced in your assignment.

    1. Reward Power: This means that you can offer some type of reward for compliance. Maybe you have access to organizational resources, such as offering financial incentives or cushy assignments.
    2. Coercive Power: This means ...

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    This solution discusses the French and Raven taxonomy of power. The solution also discusses various types of influence tactics that can be used within the workplace.