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Influence Tactics and Cultural Differences

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How do cultural differences impact the following influence tactics: (a) silent authority and (b) upward appeal?

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How do cultural differences impact the following influence tactics: (a) silent authority and (b) upward appeal?

Cultural differences play an important role in determining the influencing tactics used by the people in the organization and to analyze these differences one needs to understand what the cultural differences are. According to Greet Hofstede, an experienced Dutch expert on National and Organizational cultures, culture is the software of the mind and has discovered that there are predominantly 5 cultural dimensions on the basis of which cultures can be differentiated. The model forms the Global framework for assessing cultures. The five cultural dimensions are power distance, individualism vs. collectivism, quantity of life vs. quality of life, uncertainty avoidance, and long term vs. short term orientation. Each country differs in terms of these dimensions and because because of these types of behaviors can be observed in particular cultures which are absent in another. One such factor that differs ...

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The solution discusses how cultural differences impact the influence tactics silent authority and upward appeal. References included.

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