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Influence Tactics

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Please respond to this question by identifying three specific business problems that can be addressed through the use of "influence tactics."

For each specific problem, describe the influence tactic that should be used, the source of power behind that influence tactic, and why you believe that this influence tactic will effectively address that problem.


I took this from the Book, would you be able to incooperate any thing from this table I am submitting to this paper, After reading some of the post in the class and reading it I can see that it is needed in this paper. JUST IN THIS SECTION OF THE PAPER.

I am including the paper, AND THE TABLE OF CONTENTS.

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I am presenting below influence tactics as listed in the tables.

Consultation: An individual encourages another to suggest improvements plan activities etc for buy-in to a program in which the individual's support is required.
Consultation can be a very good influence tactic to solve day to day business problems such as decision making, choice between alternative course of actions, etc. It can suitably used to gain cooperation from subordinates and colleagues. Further, it motivates them as well by providing them a chance to participate in crucial issues such as decision making. It also brings out the best ideas via ...

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Influence Tactics

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