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Influence Tactics Inventory: Factors, patterns

See the attached data file.


Review the class results for the influence tactics Inventory. Compare the influence tactics your fellow learners used with superiors, subordinates, and co-workers.

1. How do the tactics vary in how frequently they are used and why does this pattern occur?

2. Which influence tactics are the most powerful and least powerful? How do situational factors affect the power of an influence tactic?


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The frequency of most of these are very low, especially those that are not in the best interests of the person. Sanctions often create bad feelings and the total of 1's noted is very high. Mode shows it as the most frequently used number in sanctions and the same with exchange. Rationality and ingratiation both scored higher as being used more frequently along with Assertiveness. The ability of people to be assertive seems useful, but being ingratiating and rational is the one people use more often. This might be because appealing to ...

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The solution discusses influence tactics inventory including factors and patterns.