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Supply Chain Management Techniques

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Supply Chain Fundamentals
1.) Evaluate how supply chain management affects the process of the project management.
2.) Your current company has decided to enhance their IT department. Compare and contrast the reasons to hire new employees versus outsourcing the additional work.

More Management Techniques
1.) Give your opinion on these three approaches: goals setting, praise, and reprimand. Assess how these are or are not applicable to a team setting, and whether this is still pertinent in today's workforce.
2.) Speculate the possible outcomes of reprimanding an employee.

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Supply Chain Fundamentals

1) Supply chain management affects the process of project management in several ways. Supply chain management ensures that the right quality materials are available to the project. Further, effective Supply chain management ensures that raw materials are available to the project at the right time. Otherwise project schedule will be delayed. Also, Supply chain management is critical in ensuring that the project remains within its budget. To avoid cost and time overruns Supply chain management is important. It is also important in ensuring that the objectives of project management are achieved.

2) The reasons to hire ...

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