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    Applying OM Techniques

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    Find in your organization an aspect of the operational process that could benefit from use of one or more of the following techniques: business/predictive analytics, dashboards, decision support systems, or supply chain management.

    -What is the problem, opportunity, or challenge to be addressed?
    -What technique(s) would be appropriate to help mitigate the problem? Why?
    -What would be the areas which present challenges to the approach (e.g., culture, cost, technology complexity, etc.)

    Please define the terms that you use, starting with the technique that you choose.

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    Step 1
    The business of my organization is to make electrical cutting tools such as drills and shaping machines. The problem that can be addressed using these techniques is the delay in starting production because of delayed deliveries or over deliveries of castings required for the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process in our firm begins only after the iron castings are received from different foundries. If the correct casting is not available at stock in the factory the production ...

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