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    Describe techniques for resolving conflict

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    ? Describe techniques for resolving conflict

    In the discussion "Negotiating Performance Improvements," you and your colleagues examined three different conflict situations warranting disciplinary action:
    1. Chronic tardiness and absenteeism because the employee is taking care of an aging parent.
    2. Sexual harassment accused by a woman against another woman.
    3. "Fudging" the accounts receivable documents or inventory control documents.
    ? Details the 2-3 specifics of each type of documentation that you found most essential.
    ? Communications that might have prevented the situation from requiring formal disciplinary action.
    ? Describes techniques that could be used to resolve conflicts in these situations.

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    In today's complex environment we all deal with conflict in our daily lives; from home to office, from school to college and from personal relationships to business relationships. We generally prefer to resolve our differences peacefully rather continuing fighting and taking stress. In an organization conflicts generally arise from various reasons, it can be conflict of power, values, and attitudes, leadership or contribution. The conflict management focusses on resolving issues quickly and openly to minimize its negative side effects such as tension, stress, reduced performance, low morale and motivation etc. Conflict can be constructive sometimes if managed properly. There are some popular techniques to manage conflicts. Conflict resolution is complex. There are various techniques to handle conflicts at workplace. Followings are some of the popular conflicts management techniques:
    ? Collaborating: win/win
    ? Compromising: win some/lose some
    ? Accommodating: lose/win
    ? Competing: win/lose
    ? Avoiding: no winners/no losers
    Following is the example of the techniques to resolve conflicts at the work place:
    1. Set the Scene
    The first step in conflict resolution is to make sure both parties should understand the seriousness of the matter and that the conflict should be resolved through negotiations rather than aggression.
    2. Gather Information
    This step focuses on finding out the underlying interests, needs, concerns and the motivation behind the conflict. The viewpoints of both the parties should be taken in order to understand the situation.
    3. Brainstorm Possible Solutions
    It is important to explore all possible solutions to choose the best solutions amongst all. Be open to all ideas; new, old, or ...

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