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    Health Care Organization & Conflict

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    1. What are some indications that a health care organization is experiencing dysfunctional levels of conflict?
    2. Is conflict in the organization a good/bad thing?
    3. What systems can be put in place to monitor conflict?

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    Interesting question! Let's take a closer look. I also attached a highly informative and supporting article.


    1. What are some indications that a health care organization is experiencing dysfunctional levels of conflict?

    Indications of dysfunctional levels of conflict include employee issues such as job dissatisfaction, low levels of employee motivation, absenteeism, and turnover. Other indicators are resignation, retaliation, litigation or other extreme action.
    Conflict at dysfunctional levels also impacts customer relations, such as dissatisfied customer dissatisfaction and negative process and service outcomes.

    For example, Almost (2006) examined the concept of conflict in nursing work environments using the evolutionary approach to concept analysis. Background. In nursing work environments, conflict among nurses is becoming a significant issue resulting in job dissatisfaction, absenteeism, and turnover. Although discussed frequently in the nursing literature, nursing research has focused predominantly on conflict management without first understanding the elements, causes and effects of conflict. She collected data via a literature search using CINAHL, Proquest, PsychINFO, Social Sciences Index and MEDLINE databases and the keywords conflict and work environment. Articles over the last 25 years from each of these databases were examined to identify major themes, areas of agreement and disagreement across disciplines, changes in the concept over time, and emerging trends. She found that conflict is a multidimensional construct with both detrimental and beneficial effects. Most definitions agree that conflict is a process involving two or more people, where a person perceives the opposition of the other. Antecedents stem from individual characteristics, interpersonal factors, and organizational factors. Individual effects, interpersonal relationships, and organizational effects are the main consequences of conflict. A theoretical model of the antecedents and consequences is presented, with implications for further ...

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    This solution examines the indicators that a health care organization is experiencing dysfunctional levels of conflict, It also examines conflict in terms of good/bad and the systems that can be put in place to monitor conflict. Supplemented with an article on managing conflict.