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    Types of conflict in Healthcare

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    Discuss the four basic types of conflict ( goal, cognitive, effective and procedural). Which type of conflict do you think occurs most often in healthcare? What are some of the pros and cons of conflict?

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    Procedural conflict is most likely to occur in a healthcare setting for many reasons. Healthcare organizations are often striving to improve the efficiency of processes, such as scheduling, checking in, and seeing patients for various health issues. Office managers may want to streamline processes in order to reduce wait times and see more patients. Providers and health care workers may disagree on how to improve processes such as working up or seeing patients, in terms of the order of processes or how to most efficiently and accurately record patient data. In some cases disagreement over which computerized medical records systems are most efficient as opposed to which provide the most useful ...

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    The following posting discusses types of conflict in healthcare. These include goal, cognitive, effective and procedural conflicts.