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Conflict in Healthcare

Explore conflict in the healthcare organization. Does conflict have a place in the field of medicine? Is conflict always negative?

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I have outlined an answer for you using the questions as a basis.

Healthcare, like every other part of the human condition has conflict. The conflicts can be interpersonal, or they can be between doctor and patient, doctor and family, or doctor and organization (hospital, clinic). Patients and families also have conflict with organizations. Healthcare is the most personal of issues for most people and the conflict can escalate quickly.

For example, some people have a problem with diagnoses. Doctors and administrators need to get information and start treatments, but sometimes run up against the problem of who to tell and when to tell them. Families do not like patients to learn of a severe diagnosis, and patients often prefer to keep their health issues to themselves. This puts the doctor or organization in conflict with other parties. There are sometimes issues with ...

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The conflicts in healthcare are examined.