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    Budget in Health Care

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    What budgeting process does a health care organization use? Who has input into it? Do you think it is successful? Why or why not?

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    The question asks you to identify the budgeting process a health care organization uses, the persons who have inputs into it and the effectiveness of these.

    There are some assumptions, which the question makes; first it assumes that there is a uniform budgeting process, which a health care center uses. This is not supported by evidence. A primary health care center in Australian Outback is very different from the process used by Kaiser Permanente in the USA. Second, the question omits mentioning the detail level of budgeting used in the health care center. For instance, there are health care centers, which have departmental purchase budgets for each of its departments.

    Given below is a template to help you answer your question.

    The budgeting process which health care organizations use is the operating budget. ...

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    The solution describes the budgeting process that a health care organization use.