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    Considerations for a Limited Capacity Rural Health Clinic

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    You are a manager in a county clinic that provides care to Medicaid clients. Your department budget was recently cut by 15%. From a statewide health policy standpoint, given a defined budget constraint what clinical services should be eliminated or introduced to best address health care needs of a Medicaid population? I just can't seem to determine what to eliminate.... This is one part of my 6 part paper once I have this I can continue to the next I'm just stumped. I just need a jump start thanks

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    The population of Medicaid patients can be very similar to other populations, in terms of health issues and the type of care needed. In a county clinic, there are probably many basic services that patients needs as well, such as immunizations, health screenings and others. The place to ...

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    The solution focuses on considerations for the type of care the rural community clinic should provide. It is based on the level of resources available and on budget constraints.