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Community Clinic for the Uninsured

Over 43 million Americans do not have healthcare. The elderly, the disabled, the young, and the poor have health care coverage under government programs. The State of Illinois has recently created the Health Care for All Ilinois Act so that all residents can have equal health care. It is still in the rules committee waiting on a vote. Other states have written proposals for similar laws. As a patient advocate,you decide to take action.

Design an outline for a community clinic to serve the population that has no insurance with these conditions:
- It would be staffed by volunteers.
- The bdget would be limited and come from community funds.
- The surrounding health professional colleges would be encouraged to have students do externships at the clinic.

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It is a great idea, in theory, to develop have a community clinic for the uninsured and not much different than the volunteer firefighters all over the country. However, legally, a problem arises, when an organization opts to staff the tasks with volunteers. If it is staged that way from the start, there may be a way around laws. But usually there are tasks which cannot be done by volunteers. I realize that there are doctors that volunteer to go to other countries, where services are just not available. The problem with that is that the volunteer doctor, whom may go for six weeks, to perform surgeries, they go back home, leaving the region with a constant turn around of staff and therefore an unstable organization.

One especially cannot replace paid staff with volunteers. There ARE, however, MANY tasks, which could very easily be accomplished by volunteers. In my community, I ...

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A community clinic, which is staffed by volunteers, much like a volunteer firefighter program or COOP is discussed in 602 words.