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Health Care Options for the Uninsured

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Articulate the problems currently faced by non-profit hospitals in their attempts to provide care to the uninsured. What strategies would you employ to meet the needs of the uninsured?

What are the financial implications of expanding community clinics in the context of the current HMO environment and increases in the number of uninsured?

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Current Healthcare Issues

The uninsured are a group of people in our country who are fast becoming a larger portion of those seeking medical care. Uninsured and under-insured often fall into the same categories because either of them cannot afford regular physician visits and preventive care. The uninsured are in a difficult position because they often cannot qualify for public assistance. These groups of people are normally what are called the "working poor". They work hard at jobs that are usually low wage that have no benefits and they cannot afford insurance. Food and shelter often take a priority over insurance. There primary source of medical care is often the Emergency Department (ED) or none at all. If they have children, they will take their children to the ED but will not seek care for themselves until they become very ill. They go to work sick and do not have the money for medication for basic needs (deChesney, & ...

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