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SWOT analysis of nonprofit health care clinic

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Construct a 3-5-year strategic plan that is related to a specified health care organization of any choosing. The organization may be not-for-profit or for-profit. Complete a SWOT analysis, and include the following:

Internal strengths are related to resources and capabilities that effectively and efficiently allow an organization to accomplish its stated mission. Discuss 8-10 strengths that are considered the highest priority for the organization of choice.

Internal weaknesses are related to deficiencies in resources and capabilities that hinder an organization's ability to accomplish its mandate or mission. Discuss 8-10 weaknesses that are considered the highest priority for the organization of choice.

External opportunities are outside factors or situations that can affect your organization in a favorable way.Discuss 8-10 opportunities that are considered of highest priority for the organization of choice.
External threats are outside factors or situations that can affect an organization in a negative way. Discuss 8-10 threats that you consider of highest priority for the organization of choice.

4-6 pgs. w/references

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SWOT Analysis

A clinic that treats mostly the uninsured and Medicaid patients, Family Health Center, in Louisville, KY, is struggling to understand how it can accommodate more patients, under the changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act. One practitioner within the facility sees roughly 30 patients a day, which she believes is plenty. When confronted with a training consultant, the physician is hesitant to consider his recommendations for many reasons. She is concerned about the proposed scheduling system, which does not consider patient need or severity of illness, only a first-come, first-serve approach. The consultant has responded by explaining that such issues will take time to be worked out, after implementing new procedures.


Staff within the facility, including practitioners, understand the needs of the population they serve. The clinic functions at a hurried pace, though staff understand what to expect and know the type of pace they must work at, to achieve their goals and serve their patients. The facility has procedures in place, that allow them to function adequately and serve the patients they see most often. The patients the clinic serves belong to the lower socioeconomic groups.They struggle to make ends meet. They often need plenty of guidance and encouragement, to achieve goals of improved health and maintenance of health issues they face. The clinic staff know the patients and are able to prioritize the scheduling of patient appointments, based on first hand knowledge of their particular health issues. Optimal patient care and personalized care are two internal strengths of Family Health Center.

The clinic staff operate in a hurried manner, but are able to function optimally in the environment in which they work. They understand what it takes to serve the patients they see. When employees work together to achieve a common goal, they gain a sense of accomplishment (4). At the same time, working together cooperatively reduce workplace tensions (5), promote better problem solving abilities (6), and can create a sense of belonging, as a part of a team. The Family Health Center staff are able to work together effectively and are likely to be proud of the positive work environment they have created.

Showing concern for patients and expressing the ability to prioritize need, based on symptoms and experience with the patient population of interest suggests a strong customer service orientation (7). The clinic is able to treat each patient with respect and dignity. "They serve people who, because of poverty or entrenched ...

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The analysis focuses on what makes a nonprofit clinic successful and what could potentially cause it to fail. The aspects of change in new health care mandates are applied in the discussion.