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    SWOT Analysis

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    You are a member of the SMDC Board of Directors faced with the role of maintaining a fiscally responsible organization while trying to remain true to the mission and vision. The decision to terminate the home care division has met with much opposition throughout the community. There is not another viable home care agency to serve many of patients currently cared for by SMDC.

    Many physicians are angry. As SMDC employees, physicians valued having a home care division to refer their patient to for follow-up care.

    Employees of the home care agency will soon be unemployed. Many enjoyed their roles in providing care, valuing the freedom and patient care offered in a home care atmosphere. The SMDC organization currently has a hiring freeze. Thus, these employees do not have the opportunity to secure a different position within the organization. These employees will be losing their jobs when the division closes.

    Many of the Benedictine Order are concerned. This group built the foundations that made both the hospital and clinic. The issues of financial viability have not been a priority as much as serving the needs of the community or those in need. In the past, the church and fund raising has easily been able to provide the needed resources for any floundering division.

    As an astute board member, create a SWOT Analysis or BSC (Balanced Scorecard) approach to this dilemma. Describe your analysis. Would you vote to close the home care division? Why or why not?

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    SWOT analysis:

    Strengths: The church and funding raising has easily been able to provide the needed resources when necessary.

    Weaknesses: Employees are dependent on their jobs, and cannot move ...

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