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Marketing plan for a healthcare clinic

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Using the information and sample plan in Appendix A in Essentials of Healthcare Marketing, create a marketing plan for your new healthcare clinic. This needs to be a vi1. Include the following:
a. Executive Summary
b. Company Profile
c. Industry Overview
d. Service Overview
e. Competitive Analysis
f. Place
g. Pricing
h. Service Delivery Plan
i. Human Resource Plan
j. Cash Flow Statement.

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Solution Summary

The solution provides a marketing plan for a health care clinic.

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Women's Health Clinic

Executive Summary

The Women's Clinic is a new service that is being purposed in a small urban area outside of a larger city. This area is an opportunity to serve the woman of this area with unique services that have not been offered in the past. We see this as a way to give women a way to be able to get medical care that is targeted toward their specific medical needs in a safe and knowledgeable practice. The services provided are covered by their insurance and would not be any more cost to them than if they were to visit their primary provider. This is an opportunity to get a market share where there is found to be lacking in this type of service.The operating funds for startup cost would be to find an existing practice and remodel for the new office. There have been several offices in the area that have closed due to professionals leaving to go to the medical center and work from there to reduce their overhead. Women's Wellness would be part of a national chain of women's health centers that provide services to the health needs of women. Startup staffing would consist of one Physician and Nurse Practitioner along with a Licensed Practical Nurse and Technician. At least two front desk Assistants may be needed to check in clients. All staff will be cross-trained to minimize wait time for patients and to have a team
approach with excellent quality customer service (Price, 2012).

Company Profile

The company will be part of a physician's network of women's services that are a national brand. This is a service that is growing over the country that brings specialized services just in the treatment of services to women. There are many times that a woman may have symptoms overlooked when making sporadic visits to a primary care office. They may be experiencing symptoms that they do not want to discuss with their physician such as bladder leakage. This is a part of the whole health of the woman and is what this organization is dedicated to serve. Initially, the office will have hours from 8am-6pm, Monday through Friday and 8am-12noon on Saturday. As clientele expands, the hours will be evaluated for the needs of the client. The name of the clinic will be Women's Wellness.

Industry Overview

Services for women are already well received in communities. Women are usually the decision makers when it ...

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