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Market Research for Outpatient Surgery Center

A healthcare system plans to establish a new outpatient surgery center in Atlanta, GA. Marketing research is needed to assess the potentials of this new establishment.

Outline the marketing research plan including the data to be collected, the sample, and the data-gathering method(s). Which law/regulation has the greatest impact on marketing research? And How?

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Market Research Plan

Overview of the Research Issue: This research project will explore the feasibility of opening an outpatient surgery center in Atlanta, GA.

There are several problems/questions that will be addressed:
-Need. Is there a significant patient supply to warrant an out-patient clinic in Atlanta, GA? Are patients looking for a new outpatient surgical resource? This issue is important because a good patient supply is needed for the clinic to be profitable.
-Staff. Can we find the talent (doctors) we need in Atlanta to staff this clinic? It is critical that we have the right staff in place to run and operate the new clinic and ...

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This solution provides outlines a market research plan for the surgery center including identification of the problems/questions to be answered and data to be collected. The solution covers both qualitative and quantitative methods. In addition, the solution addresses a law/regulation that may impact the research proposed/needed.