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    Business strategy - Stryker Corporation Business Case

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    Please analyse the Stryker Corporation case attached in the pdf file.

    Competitive profile
    Strengths / weaknesses (internal/external)

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    Competitive Profile

    Company develops, manufactures and markets specialty surgical and medical products. It has a global presence with its products being sold in about 100 countries. Stryker strengthened its position as a worldwide leader in Orthopedics in 2003. Company increased its standing in medical markets around the world, particularly Europe and Japan. The firm drove innovation by developing new products and bringing them to market. The company's management expected further growth through acquisitions. This would expose Stryker to post merger integration risks. During fiscal 2003, the company generated $3625 million in revenues, about 36% of which were generated from sales in countries outside the US. Stryker's global presence mitigates the risk of slowdowns or downturns in any particular economy. Company's top closest competitors are Johnson and Johnson and Medtronic. These companies plan to commercialize their new products in the industry earlier and this may adversely affect Stryker's market position in the future. For the fiscal year 2003, revenues from the US accounted for 64.4% of total revenues of the company. The company generates revenues from three main business divisions: Orthopedic Implants (57.7% during fiscal 2003); MedSurg Equipment (36.1%) and Physical Therapy Services (6.2%).


    Internal Analysis


    1. Strong operating performance
    Company has shown strong operating performance during fiscal 2003. It recorded revenues of about $3625 million during 2003, an increase of 20.4% over 2002. ...

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