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Google Business Operation Strategy

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I need help defining Google's corporate strategy.

1) Synthesize the product, vertical and geographical scope of Google's endeavors and evaluate the effectiveness of their corporate strategy in creating value.
2) Articulate Google's use of vertical integration, globalization and diversification strategies in managing the scope of Google's activities.
3) Employ concepts of economies of scope, transaction costs and/or the costs of managing complexity to focus on the cost and benefits of Google's product diversification strategy.

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Hope you are well.

1) Synthesize the product, vertical and geographical scope of Google's endeavors and evaluate the effectiveness of their corporate strategy in creating value.

Try and think of the Google product as in every type of business initiative for generating a long-term consumer base that will return in other means for service. Google is effective in global position in over 70 countries for solidifying the brand identity for assisting in synthesizing the product services through geographical scope (Google Strategic Locations, 2013). For instance, the Google Corporation has continued towards innovation in adapting the targeted consumer changes in behavior to using the internet as well as connecting with family, friends, and business partners. Thus, the Google Corporation synthesizes in product development and implementation within the targeted consumer audience entails the following endeavors, according, to Google corporate site (Google Business Strategy, 2013):

a. Search engines (the main product component for establishing the now for consumers needs to finding information started from in-house and complete control on every level (vertical scope and geographical scope)

b. Advertising Programs (the innovated adaption ...

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The review into Google business strategy within the global marketplace for producing successful international position within technology platform.

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