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Business Strategy of Google

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I need to write a 3-5 page paper that describes and evaluates an organization's business strategy. Please assist. I have been tasked to read the following documents, but I cannot open them or find them.

a) The Strategy Concept I: Five Ps For Strategy - http://blsciblogs.baruch.cuny.edu/comstrategy/files/2010/01/definingstrategy.pdf

b) Turning Great Strategy into Great Performance -

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Guidance on Business Strategy of Google

Google Inc. was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 (Google Inc., 2013: n.d). Both the founders met in 1995 at Stanford University and they built a search engine which was initially called as 'Blackrub' (Google Inc., 2013: n.d). The name "Google" was a result of a mathematical term called "googol" which means 1 followed by 100 zeroes (Google Inc., 2013: n.d). Google's mission was formed as "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. (Google Inc., 2013: n.d)"

The success of Google's business strategy over a period of time is evident from the fact that the company commands a leading 66.9% market share in the search engine market, its nearest competitor Microsoft's Bing just having 18.1% market share as per comScore reports on October 2013 market share (Sterling, 2013: Nov. 13). The search engine is its core business but around it, the company has built various applications such as gmail, Google Scholar, Google Adsense, You Tube, Picasa, Google Chrome browser, Android operating system, social networking site Google Plus etc. (Google, 2013: n.d).

Mintzberg's 5 Ps of Strategy

Henry Mintzberg has proposed the concept of strategy by defining 5 Ps (Mintzberg, 1987). These can be discussed as follows:

1) Plan - Strategy is a plan or future course of action that is consciously intended to deal with the situation and acts as a guideline (Mintzberg, 1987). This means that any act done purposefully and carefully to deal with a situation that may exist or may arise.
2) Pattern - Strategy is a pattern as a stream of actions that has been deliberately intended or not intended and depict a consistency in the behaviour (Mintzberg, 1987). This means that the pattern may be a result of deliberate planning which will be called as intended strategy or it may not be a result of planning which may occur in due course of time and is called emergent strategy (Mintzberg, 1987). Out of this, if the company is able to successfully implement the plan, it becomes realized strategy and if the company fails to implement, it becomes unrealized strategy (Mintzberg, 1987).
3) Ploy - Strategy is a ploy which means "a specific effort or course of action or manoeuvre intended to outwit an opponent or competitor (Mintzberg, 1987)". In this case the actual strategy is the threat and not the expansion (Mintzberg, 1987).
4) Position - Strategy can be defined as a position which is "specifically locating an organization in an environment (Mintzberg, 1987)." This means that strategy is matching the internal organization's environment and external environment which in management terms means a product market domain where the organization's resources are located (Mintzberg, 1987).
5) Perspective - Strategy as a perspective means the organization strategist's ingrained way of perceiving the world and taking the decisions according to their ideologies and mindset (Mintzberg, 1987). For example, some organizations are aggressive and become trendsetters, others adopt wait and watch policy and work cautiously to be successful (Mintzberg, 1987).

Google's Plan

Google is a very organized company with a mission to organize the world's information making it useful and accessible. This is further reflected in its plans or future courses of action wherein the company has adopted a 70-20-10 rule. This rule states ...

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