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    Google's strategy in 2012

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    What do you think of Google's strategy in 2012 to dominate the internet Advertising market?

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    Strategic Positioning (Internet Advertising Market)

    Strategies are business methods designed to accomplish goals. A more defined methodical approach to a strategy is when a company implements strategic positioning. The primary purpose of positioning is to make a brand occupy a distinct position in its desired industry. This is specifically vital in terms of competition as it relates to gaining a competitive advantage. Google has done a remarkable job of strategically positioning the company to dominate the internet advertising market.

    Strategic Formulation (Internet Advertising Market)

    Strategy formulation is when a company aligns its resources by choosing the best method to fulfill its objectives. There are many approaches to formulation, but what Google has done well is focused on obtaining a competitive advantage by directing its resources towards "leading indicators" in the industry. Leading ...

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    This solution is a brief summation of Google's strategy in 2012 as it relates to the internet advertising market.