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    Leadership - Sergeant Stryker

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    You are there: You are one of Sgt. Stryker's Marines at Iwo Jima. Would you follow him into combat and why? Discuss.


    If you are not familiar with the movie, discuss some enlisted heroes of Iwo Jima and the challenges they faced on the island.

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    Although reluctance is human nature when dealing with someone like Sgt. Stryker I would follow him in battle, but it would depend on my rank regarding how quickly I would realize the value of this Sergeant. Assuming I was a Private First Class, I would have not wanted to follow Sgt. Stryker in battle because of his harsh training tactics, and due to my inexperience as a soldier I would have failed to realize the importance of the training tactics. These tactics ...

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    This solution discusses whether one would follow Sergeant Stryker into battle.