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    Military Leadership

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    1. If you who have the movie U-571...compare and contrast the American commander of the American (S-class) submarine, the American commander of U-571 and the "chief of the boat." What leadership characteristics do you identify with these 3 characters? Discuss in detail.

    2. If you DO NOT have the movie U-571...identify those key elements in military leadership that you have seen being used by people senior to you and what would you incorporate into your leadership style once you have attained higher rank? What leadership styles would you adopt and demonstrate if you were a military E-9, 0-3 and 0-7?

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    First of all, let me say that I did not see the movie U-571. However, I did spend 24 years of my life in the military attaining the rank of an E-6 and later becoming an officer at the rank of 0-3. I have been on both sides of the spectrum. When I was a lower ranking soldier in the United States army, there were several methods that my senior officers and enlisted personnel would display. But before I get into the methods, there are several things about the military that you have to understand.

    First, the military is divided into two separate and distinct branches. The first branch is the enlisted branch. The enlisted branch is considered the lower of the two branches and it covers the ranks of E-1 through E-9. Of course E-1 is the lowest and E-9 is the highest of the enlisted branch. The enlisted branch is considered the workers and supporter of the Army officer and the Officers are considered the thinkers of the Army. Officer ranks are 0-1 through 0-10. 01 is the lowest of the officer ranks, and 0-10 is the highest. The military is structured using the hierarchy model and an Autocratic/Authoritarian Leadership style.

    The leaders that I was most affected by were the leaders who believed that they were the best and made you feel like you had to be the best. The leaders believed in themselves and you. These leaders allowed you to make a mistake and supported you whether you were right or wrong. The complemented you for making a decision, even though it might have been the wrong decision. I ...

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