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    Leadership Development

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    I'm in the military(army) and I'm having problems brainstorming about leadership as it applies to me for the next ten to fifteen years. So if i could get a generic kinda essay that i can possibly add things to. So I need an essay to reflect the future. If you need any reference, you can Google FM 6-22 ,FM 7-0, DA PAM 350-58 Leader Development for America's Army, and AR 600-100 Army Leadership. I hope to become a Command Sergeant Major in the Louisiana Army National Guard.

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    Personal Leadership Development

    First, I just want to remind you that you should not copy any of my response and use it as your own. I trust that you won't do that, I just feel obligated to remind students that plagiarism is a serious academic offense. Second, I hope that my response proves useful for your essay. I am going to provide you with some information about leadership specific to how the military builds leaders, some general suggestions on leadership development, and suggestions on how to tie it all together in your essay. Honestly, the military has the best record of successfully developing leaders and there are several reasons for this. I will include that in my response below. Feel free to contact me if you need clarification on anything covered in my response. I wish you the best of luck with your essay and with your professional and personal leadership development!

    Military Leadership Development:

    While the United States Military has had its leadership failures, like any other private or public organization, it does have valuable practices in developing leaders and can be considered an excellent organization for building leaders. First among these techniques is providing leadership opportunities early and throughout the members' career. Second, organizational successes and failures are actively assessed in post mission reviews. Next, military leadership also concisely defines expectations, goals, and protocol to its members (Weiss, 2005). The ability to gain leadership experience early in a career can be vital to success. This experience is especially critical in the military, where life and death situations can be the norm. Note: As a leader, it will be part of your responsibility to build future leaders.

    The military spends a large amount of time and effort in developing leaders (Johnson & Hill, 2009). The leadership literature has a plethora of different leadership models and theories. Few of these conflicting paradigms can boast a triumphant marriage between theory and application. There seems to be little victory in the field of practical application. However, the U.S. Army Leadership Field Manual is an excellent attempt to bridge the gap between theory and application. This manual provides the Army leader theory, how the ideals can be practically applied, and examples of success and failures (Unknown, 2004).Reviewing lessons learned by the military could be beneficial to the civilian sector. Private businesses of all sorts, governments, non-profit agencies, and entrepreneurs could benefit from the adoption or adaptation of viable military practices in the field of leadership. Note: Take advantage of the successes the army already enjoys. Reread the army leadership field manual.

    The military has done a long list of things right when developing their leaders. Among these items that have done right is to offer young soldiers valuable leadership experience early in their careers (Weiss, 2005). Research proposes that ...

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