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The US Military and Effective Leadership

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1. Analyze the military condition and the problems of ineffective leadership.

2. Analyze the qualities of an effective leader.

3. Describe attack by fire.

4. Describe "the empty and the solid."

5. Describe the guiding principles of war.

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1. Analyze the military condition and the problems of ineffective leadership.

Conditioning members of the military for both combat and leadership is a very important aspect of a successful leader. Leaders are responsible for mentally and emotionally retraining their troops to operate under the most extreme conditions and in new situations in which they are not used to. Solders are not only retrained to work as a cohesive unit but also to follow a command from superiors even if this means to go against all ethical principles that a person was taught since birth. Some examples of military training include classical conditioning, operate conditioning, and brutalization.
An effective leader will train his or her soldiers to accomplish this new set of military conditioning and be completely prepared for battle even at a second's notice. Ineffective leadership will fail at this and produce unprepared troops that cannot handle the stress of war. Ineffective leaders will also have no influence over their troops and provide no purpose or motivation to them. In the end, ineffective leaders lose battles and the lives of their troops because they lacked ...

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