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military model of leadership for authority

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Would an organization benefit more with a military model of leadership? What does having good leadership in a company mean? What practices do the military model use to help achieve an organization with strong and effective employees?

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It has been found that the US Marine Corps have shown a very effective route to leadership (Ref. McKinsey and Company and the Conference Board). Even in the business world, the approach used by the Marines works, "mission, values, and pride." This method is both practical and relevant because it defines the business' foundation to build their core values and practices. Other examples of business' that follow this method used by the Marines are 3M, New York City Ballet, and KFC.

To attain good leadership and management within an organization, many different and effective methods ...

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Military use certain techniques to help all individuals grow and build their strong skills. These methods can be quite effective and practical in the business world and used by various organizations to help their employees grow and improve.

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