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    Decribe a military style of management in a civilian environment

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    Given a retired military officer in a civilian management environment, explain what could be expected as the leadership (management) style?

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    Leaders have the choice, and the power, to rally their followers through inspiration or by reward and punishment. The inspirational style, sometimes called transformational leadership, has been exhibited in such charismatic figures as Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Mother Theresa. They have galvanized the masses to work for a common good, and inspired great social change in the process.

    In a recent study members of the military were asked to fill out questionnaires on the style of their leader. They were then asked to report on their feelings and thoughts about their team.

    The study showed that with the transformational style of leadership, teammates experienced positive emotions about their team members and the team's performance. With transformational leadership, members of the team shared similar thoughts and emotions about each other, which led to trust between teammates.

    The military is very interested in transformational leadership these days. First of all, the nature of their missions has changed. Secondly, soldiers are better educated than they were in the past. Leadership roles need to adapt to the current environment.

    "It is difficult work when they are on these peace missions. Therefore, they need retired military officers that are supportive and effective," The study explained. "Leaders need to be more engaged with their soldiers and with the people of the other countries that they visit than they were in the past. They need to be more personable today."

    Authoritarian (autocratic)
    This type is used when the retired military officer in a civilian environment tells her employees what she wants done and how she wants it done, without getting the advice of her people. Some of the appropriate conditions to use it are when you have all the information to solve the problem, you are short on time, and your employees are well motivated.
    Some people think that this style includes yelling, using demeaning language, and leading by threats and abuse of power. This is not the authoritarian style...it is an abusive, unprofessional style of leadership.

    However, ...

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