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    Social Work Roles in The Military (US)

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    Brief description on what each professional does:

    • Case Manager (relating Soldiers/medical)
    • Social Worker (relating Soldiers/medical)
    • Program Advocate (relating Soldiers/medical)
    • Outreach Program Coordinator
    • Transition Coordinator

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    Workplace Topics: Social Work in the Military

    Men and women in the military serve their country in various settings that are challenging and in many cases (as in the case of soldiers and deployment in war theatres), stressful. This puts pressure on them as well as those close to them. The same can be said for the civilian component of the military community as the multiple settings that they work in are not only within the country but are global in reach. Most of the social work roles in the Army are part of the military's Behavioral Health Team (BH) with roles in clinical, administrative and research posts. All are licensed clinical social workers in either full-time role (in which they receive the rank of officers) or part-time roles in reserve components (as in the case of those who also hold civilian employment). To understand the following roles, it is important to imagine the military as a large community, where each soldier have unique circumstances in his role and the stresses involved therein, as well as being a member of a family (i.e. husband, wife, father, brother, sister, partner, etc.). These are social settings where issues and conflict arise, whether or not they are related to the role of the individual in the military. Such issues affect the individual and in turn their effectiveness at work. The BH team in the military has various roles including addressing stress, providing counseling, dealing with domestic issues and provision of treatment including discharge planning as in most cases if related to working with the wounded and the injured (Warrior Transition). Key Roles:
    1. Case Manager (relating Soldiers/medical) - A case manager is essentially ...

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