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    Character Development

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    Please discuss at least three of your specific personality characteristics or traits. Using your life experiences, explain how these characteristics were developed. Such life experiences could include the following items:
    a. Early development
    b. Family and social relationships
    c. Educational background

    Finally, assess how these characteristics have influenced your social and occupational choices.

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    From what I have learned about personality theories in social roles is that the environment has a lot to do with the development of one's personality. These influences begin as infants in the family home, and continue to shape one's personality development throughout the life-span; however, according to Freud and many other psychologists one's basic personality is formed by the age of seven so a person's early environment has a great impact on personality development. Culture has a large affect on society and personality development as well as each culture has different norms, values, morals, beliefs and rules of social conduct.

    In the occupational field as well, one's personality can be different according to the type of role that is required. I think a person puts on a mask according to the role that is expected by the profession. Some professions such as the military have strict rules of conduct and the military ...

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    In approximately 275 words, this solution discusses how life experiences (early development, family and social relationships, and educational background) might impact character development. Social and occupational choices are then evaluated.