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    character development from a recent movie

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    For your literary club this week, no particular written work was chosen. Instead, the group wants to discuss the evidence of character development for each person's favorite character from a prose or dramatic work.

    Prepare an analysis of a fictional character from a movie.

    Include descriptions and cited examples for each of the following methods for characters development:

    - The actions taken by characters used to reveal their natures
    - The author's descriptions or playwright's scene to inform the reader about the character
    - The characters' dialogue that reveals what they are like
    - Things that others say about a character that reveals character traits
    - The writer speaking as a storyteller or in an aside in that present intentional judgments about a character

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    First of all, as you briefly discuss the evidence of character development from a prose or dramatic work, I choose an example from the recent move, The Debt, for you to consider as a model for some brainstorming and starting points. It should be playing still in most cities worldwide, so I recommend for you to see it and then add your own assertions and reactions to amplify some of my ideas as well.

    As you then include specific descriptions and cited examples, the character in question is Rachel Singer. I was unclear if you had to choose just one, so I use her as a lens and the other two as secondary characters for discussion.

    As a young agent assigned by the Israeli government to capture the diabolic Nazi doctor who killed, tortured, and maimed many Jews during the Holocaust, Rachel is a great example of character development.

    Compared to the other two agents of Mossad, Rachel differs, especially since she is a young woman in such a dangerous profession in a dangerous setting, East Berlin during the 60s.

    The actions taken by Rachel further reveal her nature. For example, as a young woman; Rachel exudes an innocence initially in the film as she nervously adjusts to this life of secrecy, peril, and death.

    Her actions, too, clearly show her inexperience and purity initially she momentarily lapses into showing compassion and a shard of empathy for the dreadful prisoner, the doctor, the infamous Surgeon of Birkenau, as she ...

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