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    Character Analysis Of A Fictional Character

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    Prepare an analysis of a fictional character
    Include descriptions and cited examples for each of the following methods for characters development:
    -the actions taken by the character used to reveal his or her nature.
    -the author's descriptions or movie/TV scene to inform the reader about the character
    -the character's dialogue that reveals his or her personality or motives
    -things that other characters say about the character that reveal the character's traits
    -the character's actions at the end of the story that reveals more about his character or change in his perspectives.

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    When considering a fictional character, there are two important starting points to take into account: what the role/function of the character is in the general economy of the work, and second, by what means this role is expressed throughout the work. In the first case you would first have to address the question of the general theme/subject matter of the work. For instance, in a movie such as Melancholia, one of the main characters, Justine, is depicted in a moment of crisis when she finally succumbs to depression. This relates clearly to the movie's main theme, namely the impending end of the world. This relationship between Justine's mental/psycho-somatic state and the planet which is about to impact earth is very important throughout the movie, climaxing, towards the end, with images which show how both Justine's physical and emotional states are directly influenced by the activity of the planet which bears the significant name of "Melancholia". So we can clearly understand that the main feature of the character Justine which interests the author here is her "melancholia", or, in other words, her manic-depressive syndrome.

    Having identified this (main) idea or character feature, you can start addressing the ...

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    The expert prepares an analysis of a fictional character. The character's actions at the end of the story that reveals more about his character or change in his perspectives are determined.