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Diagnosing Lisa in Obsessed

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Can someone help me with a diagnosis, according to the criteria of DSM-IV-TR, of the fictional character, Lisa, in the movie Obsessed?

It stars Beyonce Knowles with Ali Larter playing the part of Lisa, an office temp, who falls in love with her boss, Derek Charles, and attempts to seduce him. I know that the character, Lisa, has perhaps obsessive compulsive tendencies as well as co-dependence, but how does that describe how the person's personality correlates?

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The following posting helps with a case study that involves diagnosing a fictional character with a psychological disorder.

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Perhaps we need to first analyze the character's personality in the movie. In the movie, Ali Larter's character takes an office crush to the extreme. Lisa not only becomes obsessed with her boss, but she also becomes a violent threat. Lisa is delusional and believes that her boss is in love with her despite his resistance. This forces us to question her sense of reality. Also, she becomes violent with her boss' wife, drugs her boss, and begins to stalk him and his family. She even goes as far as breaking ...

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