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Psychologisation: Sari Munch

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The Manual refers to "psychologisation" (9) and the reading by Sari Munch deals with concepts such as "sex-biased diagnosing", "gender-biased diagnosing" and "sexist diagnosing" (104). What do these terms mean? Why are they important to a study of women's health needs?

Use the manual and reading to answer the above in a maximum of 250 words with referencing. Use the author(s) name and the page number, for example, (Bell and Doucet 102). When citing from the manual, use the unit number and page: for example, (Unit 1 26).

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Sari Munch's reading is briefly examined in 250 words of notes to summarize concepts such as "sex-biased diagnosing," "gender-biased diagnosing" and "sexist diagnosing."

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Welcome back to BM! Kindly rate 5/5 for my 250 words of notes. Kindly ask for me on future postings as a Special Request. Please follow APA or MLA formatting guidelines since you did not specify which.

As you briefly explain Munch's concepts such as "sex-biased diagnosing", "gender-biased diagnosing" and "sexist diagnosing" (Munch 104), I feel that these terms mean that women are still stereotyped, mislabeled, and subjugated within the medical field, especially when diagnoses occur. I feel that it shows how vulnerable and at risk women are to ...

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