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    Policy on women in combat

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    Discuss the new policy on women in combat and explain why and why not they should be allowed. Relate any ethcial or moral issues that might be a factor. Use refrence articles that relate to the the topic and the reasons that support them being allowed and not allowed:
    - preferably at least five pages for research
    - include a topic associated with your profession or this course;
    - include all articles as sources

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    Step 1

    The new policy on women in combat announced on January 24 by the Department of Defense allows women to serve in direct combat positions. This policy is welcome, because women should serve in combat positions in the US military. Currently, more than 200,000 women serve in the US military but none are allowed to serve in combat positions. This is a form of gender discrimination which is unethical and should have been ended years ago. The official position is that women have shown great courage and sacrifice in the US military and have proven skills to serve on the battlefield. The direct benefit to women by this move will be that 237,000 positions that were not allowed to them will now be open to them. The women who are appointed in those positions will need to satisfy the same exacting standards as men to get those positions. The government opinion is that with women playing a more meaningful role in the US military, the military will grow stronger and more effective.

    Step 2
    In the military, persons are required who are dedicated, brave, and disciplined. Each of these qualities is found in abundance in women. They have a commitment that men find difficult to match. They have displayed bravery in the non combat positions that they have occupied, and follow orders very meticulously. Women have a knack of remaining focused, completing the tasks that are assigned to them,and following strict rules. In business and non combat roles women have shown respect to superiors and officers. Women have values that help them protect their countries. They are willing to engage in combat if necessary.

    Step 3
    The new policy allowing women in combat positions is a step in the right direction. In combat positions the individuals need to return a salute sharply. In other words the person must listen to the leader and carry out instruction. Women have shown the ability to work well in conditions similar to combat ...

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