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    Issues related to women in combat

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    For women in combat, please address some of the issues that they experience through locating some research articles.

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    First, as you try to refer to an attention getter, this article might stimulate:

    HARING, E. L. (2013). INSIGHTS FROM THE Women in Combat Symposium. JFQ: Joint Force Quarterly, (70), 55-58.

    Haring uses the example of Specialist Shoshana Johnson who was wounded, captured, and held as a prisoner of war during the invasion of Iraq. " Because she was the only woman captured, she was isolated from the rest of her team. This segregation had a significant psychological effect on her ability to withstand captivity."

    As you look at the prominence of the topic, one article provides data:

    Mackenzie, M. H. (2012). Let Women Fight. Foreign Affairs, 91(6), 32-42.

    Mackenzie identifies that currently "214,098 women serve in the U.S. military, representing 14.6 percent of total service members. Around 280,000 women have worn American uniforms in Afghanistan and Iraq, where 144 have died and over 600 have been injured. Hundreds of female soldiers have received a Combat Action Badge, awarded for actively engaging with a hostile enemy. Two women, Sergeant Leigh Ann Hester and Specialist Monica Lin Brown, have been awarded Silver Stars -- one of the highest military decorations awarded for valor in combat -- for their service in Afghanistan and Iraq."

    Next, as you assess issues affecting women in combat, one article offers insights:

    Kasinof, L. (2013). Women, War, and PTSD. Washington Monthly, 45(11/12), 18-23.

    Additionally, it might be essential to briefly summarize the history of women in combat as 1994 marked a critical point when former U.S. "...Defense Secretary Les Aspin tweaked the risk rule in 1994, opening up all military jobs to women except those below the brigade level where the "primary mission" was to engage in direct combat. The new rule led to an increase in women's roles in U.S. military operations in Somalia and the Balkans in the '90s, but it wasn't until the past decade that female soldiers, in ...

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