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Fad diets & body image

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Review Weight Loss Pills and Fad Diets. Medical experts tell us that being overweight/obese is an epidemic in America. What can or should we do as a society to combat this epidemic? Is sheer motivation or will power enough in order to lose weight? Please include an outside source/article that can help us all learn more about this topic.

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In a perfect world healthy eating habits and physical education would start at an early age. Unfortunately, obesity is critical and can be deadly. The question asked what society should do to combat this issue. There are so many different things that society needs to do. One of the issues with being obese is to remain sensitive to discussing the issue of the person that is obese. Individuals that are obese are not always eager to get help in taking control of their weight issue. Therefore it is important that friends or family be a strong support for the obese individual and express their concern for their weight without criticizing them. They can encourage this individual to seek medical care. A Dr. can evaluate their medical history and maybe set them up with a nutritionist. Sometimes they may suggest certain diets or programs. They may opt for them to try a certain healthy diet or join a weight loss clinic; I do not believe that the Dr. would recommend fad diets and diet pills. There are other ...

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Weight loss and fad diets is disczssed according to its effects and popularity in society.

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