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    Zone Diet/Nutrition

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    I am having difficulty with this questions, it is the zone diet and I also need to find journal references, can you help me with this.

    1. Is there a maintenance plan?

    2. does the plan recommend supplementation? If so, what does it suggest?

    Can you help me find the answers to the questions and can you help me find the journal references.

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    First let's find some references. To search for credible, peer-reviewed articles I use www.pubmed.com. For this search I set the keyword search limit to the title and came up with some good possible references:

    1. Baron M. The Zone Diet. Health Care Food Nutr Focus. 2004 Oct;21(10):8-9, 11. Review.
    2. Cheuvront SN. Going Against the Grain: Flaws in the Zone Diet. Nutr Today. 2004 Mar;39(2):65-68.
    3. Cheuvront SN. The Zone Diet phenomenon: a closer look at the science behind the claims. J Am Coll Nutr. 2003 ...