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Nutrition, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease

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How are nutrition and immunity are related? Also, describes what cardiovascular disease is, risk factors for cardiovascular disease, prevention of cardiovascular disease, and diet factors that affect cancer risks. APA formatted reference is included.
1. How is nutrition and immunity related?
2. What are cardiovascular diseases?
3. Risk factors for cardiovascular diseases?
4. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases?
5. Which diet factors affect cancer risk?

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This detailed solution includes an analysis of the relationship between nutrition and immunity, a description of cardiovascular diseases and the risk factors that accompany then. What fallows is a list of preventative measures and diet factors.

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1. How is Nutrition and Immunity related?

An individual's dietary intake impacts the amount of vitamins, minerals, and calories one consumes. An optimal diet is one in which nutrients are balanced, thus fostering better immunity. In addition, certain foods like apples, oats, broccoli, tea and spices may enhance the immune system. People with low immunity tend to have a low food intake and are rapidly losing weight (consider elderly or the severely ill).

2. What are cardiovascular diseases?

Cardiovascular diseases are a class of diseases that affect the heart of circulatory system. They include hypertension, coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, peripheral arterial disease and atherosclerosis. ...

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