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    Nutrition: Supplements,Genetics, Research Design & Diet

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    I have attached a simple solutions, please use different opinions and viewpoints.
    1. What is the role of genetics and individuality in regards to nutrition?
    2. Can you live on supplements alone?
    3. What are the five characteristics of a nutritious diet? Name and Describe?
    4. Name and describe the 9 research design terms?
    5. How can you determine if you are receiving reliable source of Nutrition information?

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    1. What is the role of genetics and individuality in regards to nutrition?

    Heredity plays a factor in the etiology of obesity, particularly morbid obesity. Several genetic diseases result in obesity. It appears that some individuals have a predisposition to sweet, high-fat foods, impaired function of hormones such as insulin and cortisol, and a greater number of fat cells (Williams, 2007). Environmental factors play a large part, with the amount of food and it's nutritional make up largely influenced by those around us.

    2. Can you live on supplements, alone?

    Theoretically it may be possible to live on supplements alone however it would not be advisable. The American Dietetic Association indicates the best nutritional strategy for promoting health and reducing the risk of chronic disease is to eat a variety of foods. Supplements, by definition, are in addition to ones diet, and should be used to help people meet their nutritional needs as specified by the Dietary Reference Intakes. Pregnant women, the elderly, vegans, and individuals on weight loss diets may not be obtaining adequate amounts of a variety of vitamins and minerals, and these individuals may benefit ...

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    This solution outlines the roles of genetics in nutrition, answers questions regarding supplements, gives characteristics of nutritious diet, describes research design terms and outlines how to tell if source is reliable for nutritional information. It includes APA formatted references.