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Nutrition and Diet: Major Functions of Micronutrients

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1. What are some of the major functions of micronutrients? What are some different ways you might ensure that you get all the necessary daily nutrients? Which methods are you currently using? What are some common problems that result from micronutrient deficiencies? How might these problems affect overall health and life expectancy? What are some similarities and differences between macro- and micronutrients? Why is it important to understand what macro- and micronutrients are and how they work in the body?

2. Sam is a fast-food fanatic. For breakfast, he stops for coffee and doughnuts. Lunch is an iced tea, ham-and-cheese sub with lettuce and mayonnaise, and a cookie. Dinner consists of a soft drink, burger, and fries. Name two vitamins likely to be lacking in Sam's diet if he eats this way every day. What problems might Sam experience because of nutritional deficiencies in his diet? How might taking vitamin supplements have both positive and negative effects on your body based on your diet? What is the consensus among nutrition experts regarding supplements? What is your opinion on taking supplements?

3. Are carbohydrates good for you? Explain why or why not. Imagine that you have gained 20 pounds over the past 5 years. You decide to use a low-carbohydrate diet to return to a more healthful weight. Although you are happy with your initial weight loss, you begin to experience headaches and bad breath. What is causing these symptoms? Explain your answer.

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1. Micronutrients are vitamins. We need vitamins to be healthy and have energy and even keep certain diseases. Scurvy is one, and these days micronutrients have been thought to create a better fueled body. I liked just eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. My family had fruit trees and we just avoided prepackaged. The most common health problems of nutritional deficiency runs from dry skin and hair, anemia, and scurvy as mentioned above. Some believe that many people who are low on D3 and other micronutrients have a lowered immune systems and can develop more serious diseases. I do not belief the research is substantial enough for these, but the short list is Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, and some forms of mental illness. Macronutrients are carbohydrates, lipids and protein. The thing they are in common is that we need them both for ultimate health. Please check the handy attachment with a huge list ...

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