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    Stages of Lifecycle & Nutrition/ Lifestyle Choices & Health

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    In which stages of the lifecycle is nutrition more important? How might current choices affect future health? Provide a rationale for your answers.

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    Although good nutrition is important throughout life, it is of particular importance during certain stages of the lifecycle, in particular those times of growth and development. Good nutrition is key during pregnancy. This is the point at which development begins and good nutrition encourages optimal fetal development. Just as important as what is consumed during pregnancy (and during lactation) is avoiding excess of calories, tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. These can harm both mother and infant and interfere with proper development. During infancy and childhood requirements for macronutrients and micronutrients are higher on a per pound basis than during any other developmental ...

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    This solution discusses in which stages of the lifecycle nutrition is more important. It also discusses how current choices affect future health. APA references are included.