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    presentation on nutritional needs at a selected stage of life

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    Lifecycle Nutrition Presentation
    > Each Learning Team will select a stage in the lifecycle. These stages include preschool.

    Prepare a PowerPoint® presentation on nutritional needs at a selected stage of life. The presentation should be 10-15 slides. The presentation must include speaker's notes and at least 3 references other than the course text. The slide count (5) does not include the title slide or the reference slide. You should also include an introduction and a conclusion slide.

    How can nutrition affect growth, development, and learning at this stage?

    When using PowerPoint, use the Rule of Sevens. Use no more than seven lines per slide and no more than seven words to a line. You do not want to overcrowd your slides with words or pictures. Plus, you would like the audience to be able to quickly read the slide so that they can focus on what you are saying during the presentation.

    The slide's presentation content for each slide should be in the NOTES section of each slide. (This is what WOULD be presented orally in an oral presentation.) These notes do not need to be lengthy, but they should describe what is on the slide sufficiently.
    Citations should be included, just as if you were including them in a paper. You also need to include a Reference slide at the end of the presentation containing all references used in proper APA formatting.

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