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What is Operations Management

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You have been asked to give a presentation on operations management practices regarding a specific product to a class at the local university.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 10-12 slides addressing the following issues:

Product specifics and an overview of the organization

The essential elements of OM related to this product

Productivity measurement strategy for this product

Process strategy related to this product

Position of the product in the product life cycle

The OM strategy or issues related to the product based on the product life cycle.

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Operations management is a key component to effectively organizing resources and promotion of the company's product for the targeted audience demographic. The operations management is a way to measure productivity achieved by the product being produced for the targeted marketplace. The product life cycle is outlined in stages that reflect the following:

1. Development
2. Introduction or Birth
3. Growth
4. Maturity
5. Decline or Death.

Your product was not listed in your question, so the general concept is focusing on how your selected product in your presentation serves the targeted consumer. Further, the approach is to outline key areas of the company's operations resources to satisfactorily produce, sustain, and deliver the product to the marketplace. Once the identification of the operations approach in accomplishing each product life cycle attributes is done, outlining production goals and associated measures on productivity will ...

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