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    Discussion of Food, Business and Culture

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    Executive Summary of Article on Food, Business, and Culture

    Purpose: To concisely summarize the essential elements of the article, to save your reader time. You also want to keep their interest in the summary, knowing they would not likely take time to read the entire original article.

    Please provide assistance in creating an executive summary on the article provided:
    Executive Summary of Ford, B. (2000). The taste of tomorrow: Globalization is coming home to dinner. The Futurist, 34(6), 41-48.

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    Food of tomorrow will not be recognizable because of the multiple international dishes that will enter the mainstream. Additionally, food production will be more focused on health consciousness. Today's problems of spreading disease or creating resistant strains of infections because of the addition of chemicals and antibiotics into food sources, will receive more attention.

    Healthier production will be one key to healthy food. Already food companies have begun to incorporate herbal, probiotics, and nutraceuticals into foods ...

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    The solution discusses food, business and culture.