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    Global Business Environment

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    First, select any product or service. Then, select a foreign country where you would like to sell this product or service. Identify key cultural characteristics in this country and compare them with those of your home country. Explain the adjustments you will have to make to your product or service and your way of doing business to be successful in the foreign country. Provide references for the sources you have consulted.

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    // Cultural factors play a significant role in taking the decision regarding the expansion of the business internationally. This paper will deal with the cultural differences between the host country U.S and the target country Japan along with the adjustments to be made for making the product acceptable in Japan//

    Venturing into International business demands high level of cultural considerations as there is always a presence of several differences in the culture, psychology and demographics of two countries. The host country needs to properly assess the culture and demographics of the target country it aims to enter (Watson & Caldwell, 2005). U.S seems to be high on the manufacturing and selling of the packaged food products in the domestic market, which is showing a significant level of growth, and therefore, the country aims to expand the business of packaged food in other countries as well. The target country for the companies of U.S for the purpose is Japan, which is regarded as one of the biggest economies of Asia. The companies aim to include Bakery ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 729 words with references.