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    McDonalds: Force or Trend Analysis

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    The researched company is McDonald's.

    Step 1
    Individually, research three forces or trends from the remote and/or industry environments. For each force or trend selected, discuss the following in a synopsis: (A) a detailed description of the force or trend, (B) the relevance of the force or trend to your chosen organization, and (C) your chosen organization's strategic adaptability for the force or trend.

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    //Before doing the environmental scan of the McDonald, first it is needful to choose the different forces or trends that can affect the business of the organization. For the discussion on the environment of the McDonald, initially, I will write about the culture of the organization. I selected the forces according to my knowledge and available sources. You can add more in this segment.\


    The three forces or the trends taken into consideration in this research paper are culture, health and taste & preferences of the customers. For each force or trend, three points have been discussed below. The first one is the description of the force or the trend, second is the relevance of the force or trend with McDonalds and the third is the McDonalds strategic adaptability for the force or trend.


    Culture represents the entire set of social norms and responses that dominate the behavior of persons living in a particular geographic or political boundary. Cultural boundaries differ from national/political boundaries because individuals with varying culture may reside in a particular nation. In other words, individuals with similar cultural background may represent different countries. Culture represents the social norms that shape the knowledge, beliefs, morals, attitude, behavior and the very way of life of a person or a group of persons. Culture is not in-born. It is acquired and inculcated. There are some elements of culture and these are language, education, religion, aesthetics, customs and traditions, social institutions, attitudes and values, etc.

    McDonald's is one of the chief international retailers in providing foodservices to its customers. It provides world class fast-food in more than 100 countries. Its chain is spread all over the world. 70 % restaurants of Mc Donald's are local and independent franchisee which own and operate globally. McDonald's holds a major part of the share in the globally popular restaurant industry in approximately all the countries where it is operating its services just because of serving food according to a country's culture (About McDonald's, 2008). The fast food or the other menu items, which it provides to its customers, depend upon the culture of the particular country or region in which it operates. For example, In ...

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