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    Company Research/Trend Analysis

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    Use the organization (which was General Motors (GM)) you identified as a team in Week two to do a benchmarking analysis, using the databases in the University library.

    Individually, research one force or trend from the remote or industry environment. Please do not use forces and trends that include:
    - trend of jockeying for position
    - force of remote environment of ecological factors
    - competitive position specifically in relation to employee relations
    - ecological factors
    - Joint Venture Strategic Alliances

    Once you have identified a trend/force in your industry find a company that has been affected by this force/trend. How did they address this? Where their particular strategies they used?

    (Please do NOT use Southwest or Toyota)

    For each force or trend discuss the following in a 350-700-word synopsis: (A) a detailed description of the force or trend, (B) how did the benchmarked company address it and what were the outcomes, and (C) the relevance of the force or trend to your organization (D) your chosen organization's strategic adaptability for the force or trend. (You can use an outline format to stay within the word count)

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    Forces or Trend Analysis in General Motors

    Force or Trend
    In the present highly competitive environment, technology plays an integral role. Changes in the technology directly affect the growth and success of the industry. Technology is an extensive concept which affects the society and people to improve their living standard and develop more advanced economies. It also leads the culture of the society (Borgmann, 2006). The word Technology is a compilation of various systems and procedure in itself, which includes science, engineering, skills and efforts of human being, their wants, etc.
    Innovative technology helps the organization to manufacture various products in such a manner in which they can provide a path to maintain their status in the society. Innovative technology also helps the organization to become competitive and create core competency in the industry. Adoption of technology also leads social and regulatory pressure in the organization (Industry, Technology and the Global Marketplace: International Patenting Trends in Two New Technology Areas, 2002).
    Addressing the Force or Trend by Company
    The major players in the automotive industry are well balanced. One of the major reasons for such a high degree of competition is attributed to a lack of differentiation opportunities (Nieuwenhuis & Wells, 2003). All the companies manufacture similar ...

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    The solution discusses company research and trend analysis for General Motors. A company that has been affected by the force/trend is identified.