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Social/Behavioural Trend Analysis

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• Locate an article concerning a social and/or behavioral trend that impacts research methods in the field of psychology. Examples of trends that affect how research is conducted include increasing use of the internet, increasing use of cell phones, increased public availability of large data sets, and so on. (We cannot use ethical issues as a topic)
• Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word analysis of your selected article in which you do the following items:
o Summarize your selected article.
o Explain the how psychological research methodology has been impacted by the trend discussed in your selected article. (Note: we are not talking about library research; we are talking about how data might be collected and analyzed).
This assignment is not about research on a particular trend (for example, it is not about research on use of cell phones, or research about use of the internet); the important question is how the trend has changed the way that research is conducted. In other words, before the trend occurred research was conducted one way; after the trend occurred research is conducted differently. The vast majority of your paper should be about research methods in psychology - selecting the sample, administering an intervention, collecting the data, analyzing the data and so on.
Pick a social trend, something that impacts our everyday lives. Now ask, has this trend changed the way psychologists conduct research? Has it changed the way we recruit participants? conduct studies? control variables? collect and analyze data? If yes, you are on the right track; write about how the trend has changed research methods in these ways.

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Trend Analysis

Summarize your article:
Start with explaining why they did this study. The authors were interested in looking at the social traits of people who use Facebook because most previous research only looked at the personal traits of Facebook users. Specifically, they wanted to see if self-efficacy, or confidence in their own ability to function in an online community, affects how people use social media online. Summarize the background research they used to support their thesis and explain exactly what their hypotheses were. Then talk about their methods, how did they get subjects, what measures (or scales) did they use, and any particulars that were important to the study. Then, summarize the results. What was significant? Were their hypotheses significant? Finally, summarize the discussion. How did they interpret their significant findings? Why did they think this was an important study? What did we learn from this study? Were there any limitations?

Trend analysis:
So, here, ...

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